Principal's Message

Welcome students, families and staff to Carnegie Primary School for 2015. Carnegie Primary School is a growing school with an enrolment this year of about 540 students in 22 classes. Our steadily-growing enrolments allow for greater flexibility, both in staffing and curriculum, while still maintaining a community feel and a sense of belonging for all. We are committed to the development of whole-school effective teaching and learning practices to best support the children in our care. Our vision is to provide an engaging, supportive and inclusive learning environment where children can interact positively in a safe, respectful and cooperative atmosphere.


Our goals are:-


  • To further develop differentiated curriculum and effective teaching practice based on challenging and  appropriate learning outcomes for all students
  • To develop a whole school approach to the teaching of mathematics and improve teaching practices through ongoing and supportive professional development
  • To develop common pedagogical understandings using the E5 Instructional Model which underpins Inquiry Learning
  • To create and implement a comprehensive whole school approach to student wellbeing,  strengthening the school/child/family/community education partnership
  • To adopt innovative use of ICT to enhance  student learning
  • To enhance intra and inter school transfers and transition practices in partnership with parents and other school providers Kinder to Year 7

We look forward to meeting with you and getting to know you as we work together to provide the best possible education for your child.
Linda Jones - The Principal, Staff and School Council